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Carsten Dahl


Carsten Dahl b. 1967
in Copenhagen


Tiger Music:

Genius and experimentalist

Carsten Dahl began playing the drums at age 9. By 12 years old, he was already a professional drummer / studio musician in the rock and pop genre. At the age of 18 he entered the Rhythmic Music Conservatory. After two years of being taught by legendary jazz drummers Ed Thigpen, Alex Riel and Aage Tangaard he put drums aside in favour of the piano (an instrument he had never been taught in his life) and applied again to the conservatory - now as a pianist greatly influenced by Jørgen Nielsen and later, Butch Lacy, who had a significant influence on his musical identity both as a mentor, icon and spiritual teacher.

The Danish multi-instrumentalist and composer Carsten Dahl is back with a new experimental album - The Jester. 'The Jester' consists of 13 tracks with Dahl now on the cembalo, all variations over the piney and marginal position that the insightful Jester must be content with.

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